Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on my countertop?

You receive a 1-year installation warranty from A1 Quality Stone.

You may also receive an extended material warranty from engineered stone or solid surface products. Please inquire at time of purchase.

Is the stone guaranteed?

Trying to guarantee the actual stone is impossible given its nature as a product of the earth and considering all the variances therein. However, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Is all the work done on premises?

Yes. We take pride in what we do and therefore we do all the work ourselves – from template, to fabrication, to installation.

Can I install my own countertops?

If you want a remnant piece of stone purchased from us fabricated and polished for you. We will fabricate and polish it to your supplied dimensions.

Engineered stone and Solid Surface products. As an authorized fabricator we are under commitment. The manufactures of Engineered stone and Solid Surface products require all of there material to be installed by an authorized and approved dealer A1 Quality Stone.

Do I need a sub deck under my countertops?

Natural and Engineered Stone can lie directly on your cabinets in 2cm or 3cm thickness. If there is a Laminated or mitered edge involved there may need to be sub decking.

We can help you with this decision.


Solid Surface will come with strip decking. No need for you to supply sub decking.

This does not apply to commercial.

What is a template?

A template is a pattern made of your future countertops that will be used to produce your countertop to your specifications.

How do I clean my countertops?

Warm water and light colored dish soap will work well. Be sure to avoid using any abrasive cleaners that will break down your sealer if you have natural stone.

How do I know if I need to seal my natural stone?

One method you can use to check if your granite needs to be resealed is to sprinkle some water on your countertops. If the water soaks into the stone and does not bead up, then we would recommend resealing your stone.

What should I avoid with my countertops?

With natural stone you should avoid wine, mustard, ketchup, oils, and acidic chemicals.

With manmade material like engineered stone Quartz or solid surface Corian. Any harsh chemicals.

Can I set hot things on my countertops?

We recommend that you DO NOT place hot things such as hot pots directly on any countertops materials. It is always suggested by the manufacture to use a trivet or cooling rack.

Will my countertop have a seam?

We try to avoid seams if possible, but the reality is that the majority of countertops will have a seam.

How is the seam placement determined on my stone countertops?

Seams are determined by A1 Quality Stone depending on countertop layout, support needed, and material usage. Your input is also welcomed in this area.

How much does the stone countertop weigh?

Stone slabs weigh between 15 and 30 pounds per square foot.

Where does the natural stone come from?

Natural stone comes from quarries all over the world such as Brazil, Italy, and India.

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